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A GAME CHANGER FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS  You want to stay top of mind with clients and prospects for their next listing or purchase. And, you want to cultivate referrals and connect with new customers.

That's what social selling is all about: consistently sharing insightful content that builds your brand and keeps you top of mind for when a purchase or sale is on the horizon. But, finding information, sending it and tracking developments with your contacts is a time consuming process.

Use Grapevine6 and see how easy it can be.

What does Grapevine6 do?

Makes you the "go-to" agent because you understand and deliver what your clients want. This allows you to:

  • Use "Social Selling" to be More Effective

  • Save Time because Content Now Finds You

  • Get Better Leads & Prospects

  • Start meaningful conversations and close deals.

How does Grapevine6 do it?

Grapevine6 uses automation, machine-based learning, and controls to ensure you build your brand, engage clients, and create new leads.

It easily and quickly cuts through the digital clutter to deliver you valuable and engaging media content. Then you only need to spend a few minutes to decide what to send it to your clients and prospects. Done.  

25 Million Articles to Choose From
Grapevine6 has an index of 25 million articles, from 10,000 global publications, that you can use to identify those that are most relevant to your brand and marketing efforts.

With a swipe on a mobile device, you can reach your clients and prospects – post content on the web, e-mail, engage on social media, and receive analytics on who's actually viewing your content.

75K More New Articles Each Day
Grapevine6 scours 75,000 new articles each day and using artificial intelligence, routes only the most relevant ones to you.

28K Leads Each Month
Grapevine6 scans thousands of articles for money-in-motion news? and events that involve high-net-worth individuals, and turns that information into targeted revenue opportunities just for you, 28K new leads every month to be exact.
6 Languages to Connect
Make your connections even more personal by sharing content in your audience’s own language. Grapevine6 curates content in six different languages, so you can break down barriers and build up trust every time you share.


You become their trusted expert. 

You sell more effectively to your clients and prospects because you understand their needs.

You get meaningful conversations and new leads. And because Grapevine6 adds 50,000 articles daily – you and your brand will always be on top of what’s trending.

With Grapevine6, you'll always have the right information at the right time. Wouldn’t you rather that information find you?


The Benefits of Grapevine6

  • Elevate thought leadership credibility

  • Build brand awareness

  • Stay connected with key contacts

  • Break down barriers and build trust

  • Nurture pipeline opportunities

  • Increase revenue

  • Create strong, personal relationships

  • Find opportunities to start conversations



Why You Need Grapevine6 to get "social" with your clients


Who knew that being "social" with your clients was the key to loyalty?


Start conversations that count … with people that matter.

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