Writing & Editing

The use of content as a marketing tool has grown exponentially, especially for financial, healthcare, and real estate services. This leaves many professionals looking for ways to effectively compete for attention. As writers, we produce quality content efficiently to set you apart. We go well beyond basic text that is thin on ideas and drafted solely to optimize search engine results. Our services include business writing of many types such as original articles, ghostwriting for experts, and editing technical articles.

Content Publishing Action Roadmaps

We help professionals sustain content programs and stay focused on key themes by setting a clear focus for your personal presence and then establishing a structure for ongoing publishing. From that foundation will flow a specific calendar of ideas to keep the program on track. For clients who prefer a higher level of support or want help generating ideas, we optimize content calendars by watching trends, examining emerging media coverage, and considering expected industry, government and cultural events.

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Sales Support Materials

Business development officers and relationship managers have significant needs for materials that keep them top of mind with prospects and clients. We create materials that link your content program with front line activities. This work can include developing sales friendly versions of white papers or writing blog posts that share value-added perspectives and outline actionable steps for the client. Other items might include "seminars-in-a-box" kits for local sales teams or a series of letters, flyers or postcards around a core theme.  

Employee Engagement

Your employees can be your most engaged promoters -- especially if you keep them informed and actively address their feedback. Our content creation work includes pieces such as intranet articles, executive letters and video scripts to communicate your organization's vision and strategies. We also have experience developing content to power internal social community platforms. Additionally, we create packages of internal campaign materials to accomplish goals such as driving employee survey participation, generating innovation ideas and sharing success stories. 

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Social Community Management

Don't have your own social media team? We manage and grow social communities for you by understanding your audience, posting regular content, interacting with members, establishing clear community rules, and referring issues to appropriate contacts. We believe active community management is a must-have foundation for growth and stable membership bases over time.